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Steel Shot

General Description

Ferrosad (steel shot) Low carbon steel shot offers a longer life and is more durable than high carbon shot because it is relatively crack free. With high carbon material the shotting operation produces surface cracks which are extended in subsequent heat treatment. This does not occur in low carbon shot because of its different structure.


Ferrosad has the microstructure after the atomizing process is a bainite structure (isothermal transformation), which is tough and durable. As low carbon shot has a bainite structure and does not have cracks the consumption has been reduced by more than 20 % in trials at our customers factories compared with high carbon shot.

Product Data

Component C 0.10%、Mn 0.95%、Si 0.15%、S 0.02%、P 0.02%

                       (Representative value)           

Hardness : 40~46 HRC

Particle size : S070 ~ S930の各粒度を取り揃えています。



Surface finishing and sand strip of casting

De-burring of steel sheet, aluminum die cast, steel wire rod and heat-treatment product.