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Zirconium Flour

General Description

Zirconium Flour is Zirconium powder grinded from Zircon Sand.
Zircon has high melting point, high corrosion resistance and low thermal expansion.
Kinsei Matec imports Zircon Sand and produces several grinded products.


Having high heat resistance and Mohs’ hardness, it is used for refractory, friction material, ceramic glaze etc.
The products with various kinds of size distribution are available by our grinding technique.

Product Data

True Specific Gravity:4.24.8  Melting Point:2,1002,300

ZrO2 65% min

TiO2 0.25% max


Average particle diameter

200 ⇒ 15μm

350  ⇒ 12μm

400  ⇒ 10μm

600  ⇒  5μm



Opalizer for ceramic ware

Raw material for refractory

Raw material for glass

Filler for plastic and paint

Raw material for abrasive

Raw material for precision casting