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Calcium Ferrite

General Description

Calcium ferrite is produced by melting iron ore and lime in a melting furnace. It is used for phosphorus removal during iron manufacture. Recently it is said that fluorspar, which was usually used, has a negative effect on the environment by emitting fluorine. Calcium ferrite doesn't include fluorine. So it is used as a substitute for fluorspar.



Our calcium ferrite is a melting type and a low-melting compound. So it melts quickly after placing inside of furnace. It is a substitute for fluorspar. It doesn't include fluorine. So it is environment-friendly. It has a good phosphorus removal effect.


Product Data

Examples of component

Fe2O3 : 50~55%CaO : 40%or more、SiO2 : 5.0%or less、MgO : 6.0%or less、F : 0.1%or less、

P : 0.1%or less、S : 0.1%or less

Examples of particle size





Dephosphorizing treatment for steelmaking